Kasia Chmielinski

Hello, my name is Kasia. I am a technologist committed to challenging the status quo through direct and scalable work.


Recent Projects


Mozilla Open Leaders

Open Leader

A cohort of leaders fueling the internet health movement through training, mentorship & working open best practices. 

mzl.la/openleaders | Interview: Open Leaders 6


Dataset Nutrition Label Project


The Dataset Nutrition Label Project empowers data scientists and policymakers with practical tools to improve artificial intelligence outcomes. 

datanutrition.media.mit.edu | Forbes Article


United States Digital Service (The White House)

Product Manager

The US Digital Service is a startup at The White House, using design and technology to deliver better services to people in and around America. 

usds.gov | Interview: Serving at USDS


Scratch Project

Product and Partnerships Lead

Scratch is the largest online coding platform and community for kids globally. Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. 



Recent Talks


OGP Global Summit (2019)

SXSW (2019) 

CPDP Brussels (2019) 

Code For America (2018)

Harvard Kennedy School (2018)

Pratt School of Design (2018)

Women Can Do (2018)

Brown University (2017)

Allied Media Conference (2017)

ISTE (2017)

UN Commission on the Status of Women (2016)

Tsinghua University / 清華大學 (2015)

Peking University / 北京大學 (2015)

Harvard Business School (2014)